Larry Bradley
& Kate Papkin

Meet the father & daughter award-winning authors of StackYourOwnDeck.
Larry is the CEO of one of the nations largest private healthcare plans. Kate is a real estate professional, wife, mother and young cancer survivor.
In their new book they say that our country needs a wellness revolution and we need it now!
Their revolutionary program is the only blueprint you will need to live the Happy, Healthy and Successful Life you deserve.
Start your Revolution today!


About Larry

Despite spending twice as much on healthcare than any other country and taking more prescription drugs than the rest of the world combined, Americans are getting Much Sicker, Much Younger! The US Surgeon General has called the current generation the sickest to have ever lived. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) tells us that the number one delivery system for disease in America is stress!
The healthcare deck in America is stacked against us. No matter where you are with your health, battling disease or perfectly healthy, there are some very simple, scientifically proven hacks that you can begin today to Stack Own Deck for Optimal Health, Mentally, Emotionally and Physically!

Discover These Wellness Breakthroughs

The Mental, Emotional, Spiritual Cleanse

Learn to Easily Detox and Manage and Minimize Stress

Why the Bleep Did I Do That?

Learn How To Take Control Of Your Behavior

Five Simple Steps to Put Your Immune System on Steroids

Tune-up Your Lymphatic System to Attack Illness

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What Is Self Esteem?

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