What is Stack Your Own Deck?

CEO Larry Bradley, and Neil Haley will discuss Stack Your Own Deck. Larry Bradley is an executive productivity coach specializing in employee and organizational stress management and wellness. Larry partners with CEOs, executives and solopreneurs to educate and guide employees through a workshop designed to tackle the most influential factor affecting mental and physical disease in today’s business world. After spending over a decade as the CEO of one of the largest national health care plans in the county, Larry knows what aspects of health and wellness are being avoided, underfunded and misunderstood. He is compelled to share this information with individuals and organizations in order to help others break through to build the foundation for an awakened mental, emotional, spiritual self which will lead to a healthier and more productive person and business.


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Larry Bradley

Larry Bradley

Larry is the CEO of one of the nations largest private healthcare plans. In their new book they say that our country needs a wellness revolution and we need it now!. Their revolutionary program is the only blueprint you will need to live the Happy, Healthy and Successful Life you deserve. Start your Revolution today!

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